We offer our capability of acting with many years of experience, short delivery time and excellent quality in the following fields.


Tank production and custom-made machinery:


Tanks standing on stainless steel feet or on a bottom with flat, cone or dished top and bottom according to the customer’s needs, optionally with attractive scaled finish. Transport, storage and fermentation tanks of custom size with agitator on request, all to meet customer requirements. Design and full implementation of stainless steel technical pipeline connected to the tanks. Design and manufacture of unique food machinery and equipment made of stainless steel in accordance with food industry standards. Production of stainless steel tables, cabinets, trays for pharmaceutical and food purposes.





Pressurised vessels, storage tanks for hazardous liquids and melts:


Manufacture of vessels of low and moderate hazard class, installing technological pipelines to them. Production of tanks for the storage of hazardous liquids and melts.







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